Real money bets are offered by several sites, including Pinnacle Sports, betway eSports, and Vulcun. Pinnacle and offer bets in a more traditional style, for example, bets on the outcome of the game, or bets on the future winner of the tournament. Vulcun offers bets on fantasy esports, such as a basketball or football fantasy team, and this is absolutely legal. Players are selected and their statistics are calculated in different matches to determine the final winner. More information is available on their page Gaming beauty products can be shipped from sites like These are “weapon skins,” that is, different colored parts for your weapons and different types of knives. This is the only way to offer or get such a setting, while maintaining game balance. Each of these skins has a real cash value, which sometimes reaches several hundred dollars. Things are ranked based on a hierarchy of their quality and rarity. Each bid can be made subject to the provision of a minimum quantity of these goods, and if your bid wins, you will receive more goods. The quality of the things you receive as a reward, and their quantity, are determined by the size of your bet and the match odds. These same sites allow you to make Dota 2 bets. Another interesting type of gambling for game content is lottery sites, such as CSGOJackpot. The meaning of this site is very simple: Players place goods worth at least $ 10 and get the right to participate in a random draw, the winner of which receives all the goods that other players have placed. The site itself displays the value of game items in dollars, which it calculates based on SteamAnalyst and its own research. The jackpot is drawn instantly as soon as 50 jackpot bets have arrived. The total cost of each jackpot is significantly different, since the prize pool depends on the quantity of goods. Often the jackpot is valued at thousands of dollars. Each player’s chances of winning depend on the total value of the things that he has invested. A person who wants to take part in the jackpot must put at least $ 10 worth of cosmetic items on the line. Regarding game content, you should remember one thing - although game things have real monetary value, there is a certain risk when selling them to others for real money, since so far no service has guaranteed the successful execution of this type of transaction. There are sites that offer the execution of such transactions with game things, but not one is reliably known about any of them, at least at the time of writing this article, so we can’t say anything about their safety. All the money that a person earns from selling any game items through the Steam Market, whether it is things for Dota 2 or CS: GO, can be used only on the Steam platform itself (for the purchase of video games or other cosmetic game content). Money from the sale of content goes directly to your “Steam wallet”, but from there the funds cannot be directly converted into real dollars.

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