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The world of ZAIA Lumina

Our special team of expert lighting engineers have over 30 years of experience in the industry, which allows us to incorporate the most advanced lighting technologies from all over the world into our ever-evolving range of commercial, decorative and bespoke lights.

ZAIA Lumina is a leading international supplier of the most innovative, high-quality and versatile lighting solutions and technologies.

Considerate, transformative, and innovative solution providers.

We are different

ZAIA Lumina have a close and personal relationship with each of our hand picked manufacturers which allows us to:


  • Tailor our products to meet individual client specifications.
  • Incorporate the latest technologies into our products.
  • Quality control each of our products personally before they are shipped.
  • Undertake reliable and thorough product testing.
  • Ensure we are providing the most competitive prices in the market.

There are no limits to what we can provide

Our clients are not limited to the products in our catalogue. Our versatile team of lighting experts work directly with our suppliers to provide the specific lighting products our clients need and want for their projects.

Our service is tailored to you

We work with our clients on a personal level.
We communicate with each of our individual clients to ensure the solutions we provide responds to all their needs.

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